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S/S 2024 Scarves Collection

S/S 2024 Silk Scarves Collection. Ilona Tambor
Ilona Tambor S/S 2024 Silk Scarves Collection. Designed in the UK. Handmade in Italy.

Welcome Vibrancy – The S/S 2024 Scarves Collection

This season, I’ve poured my heart into two distinctive illustrations that are close to my heart: “Jungle Dream” and “True Summer.”

I’m really excited to introduce to you my Spring/Summer 2024 scarves collection – an ode to the harmonious and often whimsical symphonies of the natural world.

Summer’s essence in every thread

“True Summer” is my celebration of the season’s exuberance, where every creature and petal bursts with life.Tigers, zebras, and a medley of other creatures perch on water lilies, surrounded by a profusion of tropical plants and flowers. 

Each piece in the “True Summer” line is a vivid declaration of life at its most exuberant, a true tribute to the season’s lushness. This design brings to life my favorite theme – the intersection of the animal kingdom with the botanical world –in a dance of color and light that sings of endless summer days.

A dream – woven in silk

With “Jungle Dream,” I invite you into one the world of my own dreams, where visions of the majestic leopard and the regal peacock gripped me in wonder. I’ve always been fascinated by the untamed beauty of the jungle, and this pattern is a reflection of that enduring enchantment. 

The depth of the colors mimics the rich, vibrant life force that thrives within the jungle’s embrace. Each scarf is a story, a dream woven into silk, waiting to be told.

Craftsmanship meets storytelling

Creating these patterns has been a personal journey of creativity and craftsmanship. From the initial illustrations to the final silk piece, I’m always intimately involved in every step, ensuring that each design not only adorns but tells a story. This collection is crafted for those who appreciate the artistry behind fashion, for whom a scarf is not merely an accessory but a narrative that enwraps them.

A personal invitation

As the warm breezes begin to whisper of the Spring to come, I extend an invitation to explore the SS 2024 collection. Whether you find yourself captivated by the mystery of “Jungle Dream” or the vivacious spirit of “True Summer,” let these scarves add a touch of an artist’s dreams to your reality.

Discover the SS 2024 collection and embrace the elegance, the story, and the magic behind.

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A/W 2023 Silk Scarves Collection

Ilona Tambor Silk Scarves A/W 2023 Collection


The Fairytale Forest

Step into a world where the opulent tapestries of Polish King Sigismund Augustus reign supreme. My A/W 2023 Silk Scarves collection draws inspiration from these historic treasures, once housed in the venerable Wawel Castle of Cracow. They are a testament to centuries of elegance and creativity, now preserved within the walls of a national museum.

My A/W 2023 collection invites you to step into the heart of these enchanting fairytale forests. The colour palette mirrors the rich, warm tones of autumn and winter, infused with an enticing splash of raspberry red to breathe life into the season.

At the core of my collection lies ‘The Fairytale Forest’ scarf, an artful symphony of luxuriant greenery and blossoming irises. Legend whispers that the first glimpse of an iris sparks a love that blooms in return. Within this enchanting narrative, our protagonists take centre stage: the ‘girafficorn’ and a heron engaged in a graceful tussle with a coiled serpent around the bird’s beak. The ‘girafficorn’ embodies boundless imagination and the extraordinary, while the heron, a timeless symbol of tranquillity and harmony, engages in a delicate dance of good versus evil with the serpent.

Every design commences as a hand-drawn sketch, a testament to the unwavering dedication and artistic precision imbued in each piece. With three captivating colour options, my A/W 2023 silk scarves collection extends an invitation to immerse yourself in a world of timeless elegance, boundless imagination, and artistic excellence.

Discover ‘The Fairytale Forest’ and allow it to spirit you away to where the wonders of nature and the depths of symbolism coalesce, where the mundane transcends into the extraordinary. Embrace the essence of Polish King Sigismund Augustus magnificent tapestries and experience the enchantment of my A/W 2023 collection.

Read more about the inspiration and view how the magic happens here TAMBOR WORLD

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The Crossroads of Art – Silk Scarves Manufacturing in Como

silk scarves como
silk scarf

The Crossroads of Art – Silk Manufacturing in Como

The Italian city of Como is a place of timeless beauty, surrounded by stunning landscapes and steeped in the history of silk production. For the Ilona Tambor brand, Como is not only where we get our silk from, but also the home of the skilled craftsmen who create them. From the raw silk, imported from distant lands, to the final product hand-finished in Como, our scarves are where Italian workmanship meets the passion of art and design of the brand.

Living history, today

During my visit to Como, I had the opportunity to explore the city’s silk history at the Museo della Seta di Como, a museum dedicated to the history of silk production in Como. The museum’s exhibits showcased the entire process of silk production, from the breeding of silkworms to the finished product. I was struck by the amount of work and dedication that goes into the production of silk, and it was amazing to learn that raw silk is still imported from countries like Uzbekistan and China, just as it was centuries ago.

At Museo della Seta, I was amazed to learn that silk production in Como dates back to the 15th century – when silk was introduced to the area by traders from the East. The museum showcased the entire silk production process, from the breeding of silkworms to the final product. It was fascinating to learn that the raw silk is imported from countries like Uzbekistan and China and then prepared in Italy before it is used for fabric printing.

Silk craftsmanship – Art made tangible

After my tour of the museum, I visited our manufacturer’s workshop, where our scarves are sewn, manufactured, and hand-finished. It was a humbling experience to meet the people behind the production of our scarves. They are true craftsmen who have dedicated their entire lives to the art of silk manufacturing. I was struck by the amount of skill, patience, and attention to detail required to make each scarf.

Our cooperation with local craftsmen – who have extensive knowledge of silk manufacturing, hand-rolling edges, and other techniques – is what further sets the Ilona Tambor brand apart from others. These techniques are only possible with the expertise of experienced artisans who have honed their craft over many years. It is not only about creating beautiful and unique designs but also about supporting the local community and promoting fair labour. We are proud to support the artisans who are keeping the art of silk production alive.

Sustaining expertise through cooperation – silk scarves Como

At Ilona Tambor, we recognise the importance of sustainability and strive to promote responsible sourcing and manufacturing practices. We believe that it is our responsibility as a fashion brand to reduce our environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future. We believe in responsible sourcing and manufacturing practices. Our scarves are made from the finest quality silk, which is a natural and biodegradable material. We also ensure that our production process has a minimal environmental impact.

The uniqueness of each Ilona Tambor hand-illustrated design and the amazing craftsmanship make our silk scarves stand out. Each scarf is a work of art, with its own story and character – from processing to design. We believe that our scarves are not just accessories but a reflection of the Ilona Tambor vision, as well as your personality and individual style.

Visiting Como and our manufacturer was an enlightening experience offering me a deeper appreciation for the intricate art of silk production. Our brand is committed to supporting local craftsmen, promoting fair labour, and sustainable practices. Our scarves are not just fashion accessories but an expression of the art, culture, and heritage of all the people and cultures that come together and help make them a reality.

See how the magic happens on our TikTok


During my visit to Como, ??I had the opportunity to visit our manufacturer’s workshop, where our scarves are sewn, manufactured, and hand-finished. It was a fascinating experience to meet the people behind the production of our scarves. ?They are true craftsmen who are truly dedicated to the art of silk scarves manufacturing.??#silkscarf #craftmanship #madeinitaly?? #ukbusiness #scarfdesigner

♬ Young Folks – Peter Bjorn And John
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S/S 2023 Collection

SIlk Scarf, Luxury silk scarves, Silk Scarves UK
Luxury silk scarves


Step into a world where land and water meet, where creatures both playful and regal grace the surface. Our latest collection combines the grace of the Swans with the mystery and whimsy of the Jellyfish to create a truly charming aesthetic experience.


In “Swans,” our pattern captures the elegance and emotional beauty of two swans as they embrace majestically showcasing both their vulnerability and pride.

Rich floral hues contrast the pure white of the swans, evoking a sense of serenity and tranquillity.


The “Sea Life” takes us on a journey beneath the waves, where vibrant jellyfish dance and play among the coral and kelp. The pufferfish adds a playful touch, while the lionfish shows off its intricate skeleton. The vivid, dreamy colours and fluid movement of marine life create a sense of magical wonder.

Together, these silk scarves patterns invite you to feel the almost unreal reality of the natural world.

Read more about the inspiration and view how the magic happens here TAMBOR WORLD

Luxury silk scarves


At Ilona Tambor, we recognise the importance of sustainability and strive to promote responsible sourcing and manufacturing practices. We believe that it is our responsibility as a fashion brand to reduce our environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future. We believe in responsible sourcing and manufacturing practices. Our scarves are made from the finest quality silk, which is a natural and biodegradable material. We also ensure that our production process has a minimal environmental impact.

Our cooperation with local craftsmen – who have extensive knowledge of silk manufacturing, hand-rolling edges, and other techniques – is what further sets the Ilona Tambor brand apart from others. These techniques are only possible with the expertise of experienced artisans who have honed their craft over many years. It is not only about creating beautiful and unique designs but also about supporting the local community and promoting fair labour. We are proud to support the artisans who are keeping the art of silk production alive.

The uniqueness of each Ilona Tambor hand-illustrated design and the amazing craftsmanship make our scarves stand out. Each scarf is a work of art, with its own story and character – from processing to design. We believe that our scarves are not just accessories but a reflection of the Ilona Tambor vision, as well as your personality and individual style.

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Happy Festive Season

Christmas gifts Illustrated scarves


Perfect Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts Ilona Tambor

Hand-illustrated scarves are timeless presents to gift to your beloved ones.

The most magical time of the year is just around the corner.
The gifting season already starts this year.

Silky gifts are ready to start the journey to get under the Christmas tree on time.
Our scarves are beautifully packed in gift boxes as a standard, making these silky treasures perfect Christmas presents.

Watch our Christmas YT video
and immerse yourself in the Christmas mood.

Enjoy silky winter wonderland and our snowman sneaking around with Christmas presents ?☃️

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cotton silk scarf

Organic Cotton Scarves


Organic Cotton 50% Silk 50% Hand-illustrated Shawls

Organic Cotton Silk Scarves. And we’re not talking just any silk and cotton. Your new favourite accessory comes in a delicate blend of 50% organic cotton and 50% silk, in several subtly gorgeous hand-illustrated designs that tell enchanting stories.

So rest assured you’ll never run out of things to talk about – and simply toss them over your shoulders with aplomb. No big deal.

Each piece is hand illustrated and has been designed to be worn as a shawl – your way. The collection includes an array of designs from intricate patterns incorporating whimsical (and sometimes fearsome) animals and florals.

This collection is perfect for gifting someone special or adding some unique style to your wardrobe.

Hand-illustrated designs tell enchanting stories

The idea of telling a story through hand-illustrated designs is an old one, but we at Ilona Tambor are particularly interested in the way these designs can shape our notion of time and space, showing us new perspectives on the world around us. 

We create each design with this in mind – that it should be something special that helps you see things differently. As such, we draw inspiration from nature and fascinating Slavic folklore to tell our own stories; whether they’re inspired by watercolour flowers or woodland animals, they add a touch of magic to everyday life.

Peace silk – Your sustainable choice

Peace silk is a term for the silk produced by worms that are fed with mulberry leaves and not subjected to any kind of stress, this process results in a stronger, more durable material than regular silk.

We have sourced these materials from small-scale producers in India who are committed to ethical manufacturing practices. We believe that every step of the process should be under close scrutiny and we have chosen to work with these suppliers because they share our values and practices.

Lightweight – Wear them throughout the year

This lightweight shawl (Organic Cotton Scarves) can be worn throughout the year and is great for both hot summer days and cool autumn evenings, in addition can also be used as a scarf or light blanket, depending on how you want to wear it.

We have carefully selected the finest organic cotton, and silk yarns to create this collection. These natural fibres help to keep you warm without overheating, making them ideal for autumn and winter.



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New – The Beauty of Diversity Wool Shawl

wool shawl womens


*New* – The Beauty of Diversity Green Wool Scarf just landed in our shop.

The Gift of Elegance This Autumn

Do you know someone with an appreciation for the more luxurious side of life? A hand-illustrated wool-silk scarf makes the ideal gift! Are you looking for a timeless present to gift to your girlfriend or boyfriend? Perhaps your mum and dad, or even to just bring a smile to a friend or favourite colleague’s face? Our range of signature accessories is an exceptional choice. Exquisitely hand-woven in Italy, there’s a myriad of ways to tie these scarves.

There are just that many more ways to mix up your style to match any occasion. If you’re still wondering what to get your loved one during these colder months, we’re here to help! Spread the mood of hope and possibility this season with a hand-illustrated, wool-silk scarf from the Ilona Tambor collection. 

Discover inspiration behind The Beauty of Diversity Design


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2 years of Ilona Tambor Silk Scarves

Ilona Tambor
Ilona Tambor 2 Years Celebration


2 years ago, just at the beginning of the World pandemic, our website went live and the first scarves collection was launched.
As you can imagine it wasn’t the best time to start any business activities.

The world has changed since then, and we have come a long way to be in the place where we are now.

It wouldn’t be possible without the support of my amazing customers, followers, and subscribers all over the world.
I would like to say a huge

for the last 2 years.

I am so excited to announce


From Friday until midnight Sunday the 10th of April you can use the code: 


to get a 20 % discount on scarves and silk cushions.
I wish you happy shopping and a fantastic weekend.

Ilona Tambor

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S/S 2022 Ilona Tambor Silk Scarves Collection The Beauty of Diversity

S/S 2022 Ilona Tambor Art Silk Scarves Collection
S/S 2022 Ilona Tambor Art Silk Scarves Collection

NEW S/S 2022 Silk Scarves Collection
is officially Live!


These hybrids may not exist in your world, but they exist in some world, at some time.
They inspire thinking beyond borders – conscious and subconscious ones.
Accepting that beauty depends on difference allows you to see beyond the foliage, where you’ll find seemingly impossible beings who showcase everything that makes them unique. Like every Ilona Tambor design, these hybrid animals began as an idea. The idea came to life as a hand-drawn sketch, refined and digitized before being printed on luxurious silk fabrics.

Read more about the inspiration and view how the magic happens here TAMBOR WORLD

Ilona Tambor World

Explore S/S 2022 Collection

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Support Ukraine


The really sad and terrifying time had come. 
My thoughts are with all Ukrainian ??citizens fighting for their freedom and sovereignty. ??
It’s unbelievable that in 21 century in the middle of Europe such a terrible thing could happen. It reminds me of the darkest time in Europe’s history, times before WW2 when ignorance, omission, inaction, and consent to tyranny had a consequence in destruction, suffering, and crimes against humanity.

As a Pole and an artist, I would like to help my Slavic brothers in Ukraine ?? in the way that I can do best. The war in Ukraine also affects children who are one of the most tragic victims. I was thinking about what I can do to support victims of this terrible war. I have decided to sell Leshy design silk scarf and donate 100% of the profit to @sos_childrens_villages

I think that it is so critical to support such an organization during this war to help them do their mission in helping orphaned Ukrainian children and their families escape from War to safety. Help them in providing food, other supplies, and trauma support.
Leshy Design is not a random choice. LESHY – guardian of the forest and all its inhabitants, the Leshy takes its place in Slavic mythology as a being with benevolent intention. I would like to ask for your kindness and support to the victims of the war in Ukraine, especially for the children who suffer the most.

Ilona Tambor

Huge THANK YOU !!??
I have amazing news all 3 scarves have been sold ?  100% of the profits will be donated to @sos_childrens_villages

Edited post 1
Thank you so much for your overwhelming response. 
The first Scarf has been sold and 100% profits will be donated to SOS Children’s Villages UK
I made a decision to add 2 extra scarves we got in stock, I think this is the right thing to do ??

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How to Wear a Silk Scarf in 2022

How to wear a silk scarf in 2022
How to wear a silk scarf in 2022

5 Styles – How to Wear a Silk Scarf in 2022

For an unexpected approach to add that refined (and possibly even quirky) sophistication and graphic novelty to your ensemble this season, look no further than the classic silk scarf. Of course, as designers and street style celebrities have demonstrated time and time again, this trendy accessory may be worn in a variety of ways. There’s no shortage of fashionable style options, whether it’s worn as a classic headwrap or an elegant bracelet, or a belt with a punk edge. Check out our list of this season’s hottest silk scarf styles!

Tie a Scarf as a Headscarf

Adding a simple, charming boho look to your outfit is easily achievable with the headscarf. And, here’s the thing, with one of our patterns and colour options, you’re going to get an extraordinary look that definitely turns heads. Wear this with minimal jewellery – let your personality and silk accessory do the talking. 

To tie your scarf, grab two diagonal corners of it and fold it in half to create a triangle. Drape the long edge over one side of your head so that the ends are coming out on either side. Take those ends back around to where they started at your nape – this will be just underneath the pointy corner – then tie them together with a knot so that when you pull tight, there is enough slack for you to wrap or position however suits best. Unforgettable.

Tie a Scarf as a Dress

This look is all about soft, statement glam! This one takes minimal work for a refined, boho-chic result and makes a dazzling possibility during any season and at any event – whether you’re at an art exhibit or going chic at the beach during summer. 

Tie one end of a large scarf around your neck, so that you don’t have any loose ends that stick out at the back. Now, wrap the longer end of the scarf around your body. Tuck it in and hide it under the shorter end. And that’s it, you’re pretty much done, ready to go with those goddess vibes.

Tip: If you like, tie a ribbon around your waist for a touch of extra, subtle flair as you accentuate your curves and play up the look a little.

Tie a Scarf as Top

You’ve probably realised that achieving hot looks with a silk scarf doesn’t take that much effort. That’s exactly why we find them to be the perfect accessory. Here, we’re presenting you with another classic, but edgy look that offers a plethora of looks to work with. What’s more, the more prints you own, the more options you have – even with this one style.

We’re talking about wearing a silk scarf as a top or as a bandana top. It’s proving to be a hot look as we’re soon moving towards Spring/Summer 2022. Here at Ilona Tambor, we’re moving away from the classic paisley cowboy look, opting for something more whimsical and enchanting. There’s more room to move between formal and smart casual with our prints.

How to tie it? Fold your scarf in half so that it makes a triangle. With the open end of the triangle facing down, wrap both ends of your scarf around your chest and tie them together on the back. Simple. Effective. 

Tip: Tuck the point at the bottom for an alternative way to wear this look.

Tie a Scarf as a Belt

One thing is clear: Silk scarves are making a big splash. Not only are they a chic way to jazz up any cold-weather ensemble, but they are now being used to improve and expand a personal look. They can take the place of a belt, giving the wearer a fresh, polished look. This chic and flattering way to wear a scarf is a great way to switch up any work outfit. 

To get started, first tie the silk scarf as you would a regular belt, keeping a loose tail to the rear. There’s always the option of ruffling things up a bit for an edgier touch, too. At the end of the day, the premise is simple, but the result uplifts an entire outfit.

Tie a scarf as a Shrug or Cape

Perhaps you are looking for a new way to wear a scarf. The easy, chic, and super flattering way to wear a scarf this season is as a shrug or cape. Try wearing a voluminous scarf over a silk blouse for an amazing look, or perhaps an oversized scarf will fit a turtleneck with ease. What’s even better is that the simple, classic way to tie a scarf as a cape is to simply tuck it into the collar of your blouse and knot it at the back. The result is an effortlessly chic look that will take you from day to night. Dress it up for a party If you are heading on a holiday or family event.

This year’s classic wardrobe staple is certainly a perennial accessory. We’ve provided you with some of the more imaginable silk scarf styles for wearing this wardrobe option and we’re sure that your time will be well-spent perfecting the various styles!

How to tie a silk scarf? Keep following us on Instagram for more exciting looks and options!


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WINTER SALE UP TO 40% OFF for Scarves

Winter Sale

It’s a perfect time to start our Winter Sale up to 40% OFF
Discover the full range of silk and wool-silk scarves in our Winter Sale promotion ✨?

Including the Wool Silk Scarves from The Slavic Myths Collection and iconic The Mysterious Lion King design.
Enjoy this magical time of the year ?

Sale ends 31/01/2022

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A/W 2021 Ilona Tambor Scarves Collection

AW Silk Scarf Collection


Ilona Brings Slavic Mythology into Life on Silk Scarves and Accessories

For this season’s looks, Ilona has drawn inspiration from her Slavic roots, allowing tradition and mythology to come to life in her designs. A testament to her heritage, she brings mesmerizing themes to wearable silk accessories. With darker undertones, each scarf tells an intricate story through a spectacular eye for dazzling design. Both Slavic mythology, and in particular, demonology, have long enraptured the mind of this designer with her Polish roots. Growing up and listening to tales of the creation of the world, the gods that watch over it, and the people who inhabit it, Ilona envisioned the nature of the world through this lens.

Ilona Tambor A/W Silk Scarf Collection

“The stories were sometimes dark, sometimes happy, mysterious, and coarse. Sometimes they were scary, lined with laughter, and often came with a warning or lesson. Above all, they were original,” explains Ilona. It’s this originality that shines through in this season’s designs, featuring Leshy – the forest guardian – and the interplay between the Griffin and Basilisk.

A keen connoisseur of world mythologies may have picked up on Slavic mythology entering the public consciousness of late through the interpreted works of The Witcher, by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. Both the games and its Netflix adaptation have propelled some of these stories in front of the contemporary eye. 

But this is only one slice of the rich world seen through a Slavic lens. Ilona Tambor’s silk scarf designs offer the wearer the soul of stories told around a shepherd’s fire as the smoke creates a backdrop for the imagination of the listener. This imagination is harnessed and painted through innovative means.

Every silk scarf begins its life illustrated by hand – an intricately creative process. Before being printed on sustainably sourced silk, these patterns are manipulated digitally, adding color and spirit into each design. Discover more here Tambor World.



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How to Wear a Silk Scarf in 2021

when to wear a silk scarf accessory

Looks and Possibilities – When to Wear a Silk Scarf

Personal style is about individuality. It’s about opting for what represents you, your identity, and your unparalleled personality. Sometimes, with an outfit, less is more. Sometimes, more is more. It really all depends on how you’re feeling on a particular day, what works for a particular event, or whether you’re working with limited options if you might be travelling. If you’ve got a few accessories in mind and you’re looking at when to wear a silk scarf, the answer is simple. These highly versatile pieces are priceless when it comes to jazzing up any look, any time.

When to Wear a Silk Scarf? Use One to Elevate a Simple Look

The beauty of our world is that you’re able to find qualities that represent who you are wherever you look. We draw our inspiration and passion from the world around us, we’re energised by it as we find beauty in the most unexpected places.You can be that inspiration for yourself and for others.

Elevating the everyday is where a silk scarf really shines. Yes, they’re available in muted tones, too, but to transform a simple look, a vivid silk scarf brings colour and dynamism to your ensemble. While they contribute to the visual appeal of your look, we all know what a bold dash of colour can do for your mood, too.

Transform Monochromatic Ensembles with Your Spirit

When dressing up in either a simple casual or chic, smart outfit, that perfectly-picked dash of colour could come from a complementary silk scarf. It’s all the more special when your silk accessory of choice shows off a truly unique work of art, something intricate, or something inspired. While we all love to add that pop of colour to an ensemble, we’re even more favourable towards one that’s truly characteristic, representing your innate spirit.

The Ideal Travel Companion – Business and Pleasure

When going away on holiday, we purge that bad energy while rejuvenating ourselves. Looking spectacular for those holiday snaps is a priority, too. Your outfit options may be limited, but here’s a pro tip: silk scarves don’t take up much space in your luggage at all!

They provide a host of options to mix and match with when you’re low on space. You’re afforded the ability to bring that special bit of soul to an ensemble that you may have packed for practical reasons. The classic square scarf, on its own, works in a number of charming ways depending on how you tie it. On the other hand, there’s just something immeasurably enchanting about wearing a silk twilly scarf or silk neckerchief tied just right. And when you’re in a bit of a hurry and your hair just isn’t doing what you want it to? That bold silk scarf can be turned into killer statement head wrap.

On the other end of the spectrum, a business trip that calls for muted colours – blacks and greys, white and tan, maybe some navy – can do with a visionary twist. Lift corporate chic from the mundane no matter the season.

All you’ve got to do is infuse that power look with a transformative, unforgettable silk scarf.

How to tie a silk scarf? Keep following us on Instagram for more exciting looks and options!

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The Moroccan Days Colourful Silk Scarf

The Maroccan Days silk scarf
Ilona Tambor art silk scarves 2021 collection


I have exciting news for you.

Special addition to the S/S 2021 Scarves collection.⁠⁠
New designs The Moroccan Day’s in 3 different colourways and various sizes. I was working on this design last 2 months and finally, it’s live !

Read the story behind this scarf illustration:

Known for its cultural splendour, ambience, and ancient wonders, the lands of Morocco hold many wonders and magical secrets. The silhouettes and imagery of this place captivate and enchants us, and for good reason. And yet, there’s something else beyond the souks and cafes, the mosques, and the rooftops – something else with a legacy that goes back even further than Morocco’s alluring civilisation of music, mosaics, and warmth.⁠⁠

To read more about the inspirations behind The Moroccan Day’s illustration head to the Tambor World.

The Maroccan days design

See how the illustration becomes wearable art and enjoy the variety of possible knots and how to wear the silk scarf.

Ilona Tambor

Explore The Moroccan Days

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S/S 2021 Ilona Tambor Silk Scarves Collection Campaign movie

Ilona Tambor Art Silk Scarves Collection

Discover Colorful S/S 2021 Luxury Illustrated Silk Scarves Collection

I hope you love the movie. Read more about the inspirations behind the illustrations for the Spring Summer 2021 collection here – Tambor World.

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New S/S 2021 Ilona Tambor Scarves Collection

Ilona Tambor Art Silk Scarves Collection
Art Silk Scarves Ilona Tambor


In this time of change and uncertainty, the release of my brand new Spring/Summer 2021 Collection of silk scarves and silk cushions has a dual purpose. At Ilona Tambor, I believe that art and fashion serve to motivate and elicit emotion and inspiration in both the wearer and the viewer. Since I believe that art serves a purpose, it’s my responsibility as an artist and designer to use my art as a vehicle to uplift and to inspire hope through my craft.

Spring/Summer 2021 Collection – Invigorating Imagination

Certainly, we’ve all felt the lack of freedom over this past year. Being locked in our homes without the ability to travel freely and experience the world as we had become so accustomed to has dimmed the flame of creativity and passion in our hearts.

This soon-to-be-launched collection of premium, new silk scarf and silk cushion prints aims to help revive that passion, by taking the wearer – and the viewer – on a journey of enchanting colours, fairy tales, fragrances, and invigorating imagination.

My new Spring/Summer Collection of 2021 comprises designs inspired by the animals that once used to roam Morocco. Surrounded by the land’s indigenous flowers and fruits, these works are infused with the tangible aura of the regions fragrances and mystical spirit that resides both now and eternally.

Beginning as hand-drawn illustrations, I digitise these designs before printing them onto luxurious, ethically sourced silk. These illustrations resonate with our changing world and mentality, urging us to appreciate the beauty around us and work to preserve it. 

Wafting Whimsy – Silk Scarves and Silk Cushions

Available on square scarves, ribbon scarves, and twillies, I’ve now made these patterns accessible on comfortable cushions, too. Since going outdoors is a less frequent occurrence these days, art inspired by the lands of Marrakesh and the Atlas Mountains can now function as a muse in your own home while staying safe amidst luxurious comfort.

While my previous range offered a whimsical splash of colour and elegance on the pages of three Condé Nast Traveller issues in 2020, the latest collection brings extends its reach. The Ilona Tambor label offers a new variation of silk scarf, along with a home décor option to illuminate interior spaces.


Explore S/S 2021 Silk Scarves Collection

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The Perfect Gift Idea Illustrated Scarves

How to wear silk scarf
wool-silk scarves worn with vintage inspired outfits

Illustrated Wool-Silk Scarves – The Perfect Gift Idea This Season

We’ve entered 2021. We probably speak for all of us when we say that we’re happy to see the back of 2020!

2021 is the year of hope, so here’s to hoping that things begin to look better for all of us. Our range of wool-silk scarves might just help with that!

This past Christmas and New Year were far from what we’re used to. We’re trying to spread the cheer in 2021 with our range of wool-silk scarves – for her and for him! With the chilly weather here in the UK and other parts of the northern hemisphere, staying warm is a priority! When heading out to work, for a stroll in the brisk, fresh air, or if you’re just venturing out to get some snacks to binge on, you want to look good while keeping the cold away. You’ve probably got loved ones who can’t work remotely and have to leave their homes. Why not surprise them an artisanal, hand-illustrated wool-silk scarf?

Hand-Woven Love from Italy

Even though this time it’s a little different than usual, love is still in the air during February! And hey, Valentine’s Day coming up soon. Thought you might need a quick reminder about that little occasion. A luxury, premium-crafted, wool-silk scarf that’s hand-woven in Italy certainly hits the mark as a thoughtful and stunning gift option. 

There’s lots to choose from, too – keeping warm and looking haute is more than just possible! The Ilona Tambor range of hand-woven and hand-illustrated scarves are a definitive conversation piece. These bespoke patterns and designs promise to keep a loved one warm – both on the outside and inside! These deep, vivid colours and intricate designs are memorable, too, ensuring that your aesthetic and practical gift will never be forgotten.

Colour-popping Vintage Looks with Hand-Illustrated Wool-Silk Scarves

When it comes to style and layering options, your fashionista friend or loved one will have infinite possibilities in working this timeless gift into their chic ensembles this year. Hand-woven in Italy, our wool-silk scarves are a constant hug during the colder months. Remind them of you even when you’re not around! And, as the vintage-inspired trends have been picking up pace, we’re seeing more “Peaky Blinders” looks on the streets. An Ilona Tambor wool-silk scarf goes a long way in putting a special spin on the look – illuminating the more demure layers of coats, waistcoats, and flat caps with a suitable colour and mood pop!

The Gift of Elegance This Winter

Do you know someone with an appreciation for the more luxurious side of life? A hand-illustrated wool-silk scarf makes the ideal gift! Are you looking for a timeless present to gift to your girlfriend or boyfriend? Perhaps your mum and dad, or even to just bring a smile to a friend or favourite colleague’s face? Our range of signature accessories are an exceptional choice. Exquisitely hand-woven in Italy, there’s a myriad of ways to tie these scarves. There are just that many more ways to mix up your style to match any occasion. 

If you’re still wondering what to get your loved one during these colder months, we’re here to help! Spread the mood of hope and possibility this season with a hand-illustrated, wool-silk scarf from the Ilona Tambor collection. 


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Silk Scarves Winter Sale 40% OFF

wool silk scarf men
Scarf winter Sale


Hi, I have great news for all illustrated scarves lovers. Winter sale is now ON!

You can now get your favourite Ilona Tambor scarves including wool-silk and pocket squares with 40% discount??

Get ready for a makeover this Winter add some magic and colours to your wardrobe ?? ⠀⁠⠀

You are still welcome to use code: 


Free UK Shipping⁠

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Merry Christmas from Ilona Tambor

Merry Christmas Ilona Tambor

Good morning,
I wish you all, merry merry Christmas and a lot of magical moments during this amazing time of the year.⁠
It’s so important to get some joy and magic, especially in⁠ these unprecedented times we all have to live. ⁠
Thank you for all your support during last year.
I wish you once again amazing Christmas time✨⁠

Ilona Tambor⁠

Merry Christmas Ilona Tambor

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Wool silk scarves / shawls collection gift idea

Wool Silk Scarves Collection
Wool Silk Scarves Collection


Luxurious wool-silk scarves/shawls oversized style

135cm x 135cm with fringed edging!

Fabric woven in Italy from the finest silk and wool threads and digitally printed. ⁠

Wool silk combined with the colourful and unique design provides comfort and joy throughout the colder winter month and years to come.

You can also wrap yourself up with this scarf to complete your winter outfit.

Good idea for a Christmas gift for you or to your beloved man.⠀

The most wonderful time of the year is coming, so start gifting early or even discover something for your own wish list.

Founder / Designer

Ilona Tambor

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How to Tie a Headscarf and Headwrap

Headwrap silk scarf Ilona Tambor
How to tie a headwrap

Knots and Layers Part Two – How to Tie a Headwrap

Silk scarves and headwraps go together like strawberries and cream. They’re inseparable. Scarves made of exquisite silk have been used to adorn the bodies of both women and men through time. While it’s true that silk scarves provide that certain something to an outfit when draped nonchalantly around the neck, or tied into something more elaborate as an alternative to a statement necklace, a whole new world is opened up when they’re tied into a headwrap. If you’re looking for how to tie a headwrap, read on!

Headwraps are, excuse the pun, intertwined with tradition and are tied to various cultures around the world – some cultures wear them in a very similar fashion, for the same reasons, while they’re significant for other reasons in other parts of the world. Ghanaian women are famous for wearing ornately tied, brightly-coloured headwraps called duku, while South African and Namibian women similarly call their wrapped headgear doek. Traditionally, headwraps function as social markers, showing status, ethnicity, religious affiliation, or marital status, while it’s gained popularity today as both a fashion accessory and a practical one. For natural hair, especially curly hair that needs more care to keep breakage from occurring, a silk headwrap will brighten up your look and your day!

Reimagining the Headband

Headbands are a simple way to hold hair back when you’re not in the mood to tie it all up in a high bun or ponytail. It lets your mane flow, keeping you free to feel the wind in your hair. Yes, while it’s a great choice for a carefree day, you still want a fashionable edge to your look. Using a printed silk scarf.
Tying your hair up this way is great for when you’re in a hurry to get to work in the morning and you’re running late. You’ve run out of dry shampoo and the roots of your hair are showing signs of oiliness. Here’s how to tie a headwrap with a luxurious silk scarf. You can opt for a classic silk scarf size of 90 x 90cm or the larger option of 135 x 135cm.

  1. Place the scarf behind your head.
  2. Bring the ends to the front and criss-cross the scarf.
  3. Twist the ends over.
  4. Bring both ends around to the back.
  5. Tie a knot and tuck in the ends to polish the look.

Wrapping for Coverage

How to wear a scarf

When you’re looking for a little more coverage than a reimagined headband will offer, this headwrap style is ideal for when you want to rock loose hair or keep your hair completely covered. It’s a commonly worn headwrap across cultures, and its turban-esque vibe offers a bohemian twist to a somewhat corporate, buttoned-up look – especially when using one of our printed scarves. You’ll need a larger scarf for this wrap, so make sure to use one of our oversized silk scarves of 135 x 135cm.

1. Cover your head with the scarf, holding the ends together on either side, behind your head.

2. Criss-cross the ends behind your head, ensuring that both ends are held together.

3. Bring the ends to the front, then tie one last knot here to give the look that splendorous finish.

4. Last, tuck the ends behind this knot to complete the look.

A Crown with a Twist

How to wear a scarf

A little more intricate, this crown-style headwrap puts a spin on both smart-casual and formal. It brings attention to your favorite pair of drop earrings, and also shows off the neck, allowing you to add a glimmer to your look with a subtle, but complimentary necklace. Both the classic 90 x 90cm size of a silk scarf or the larger 135 x 135cm option is perfect.

1. Tie your hair back into a tight bun, or slick it back.

2. Cover your head with the scarf, pulling it towards the back.

3. Gather the ends and tie a knot.

4. Twist the separate ends over each other repeatedly, creating a rope.

5. Pull the twisted rope around the front, giving your crown a “wreath”, and tuck the end in near the back of your neck.

How to tie a silk scarf? keep following us on IG for more exciting looks and options!


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The London Artisan

The London Artisan


3&4 OCTOBER 2020

Exciting news. Next weekend 3rd and 4th of October 2020 I will be showcasing my silk scarves at LONDON ARTISAN in Truman Brewery in London so if you would like to ⁠see all my silk scarves and chat with me just join the event.⁠ The London Artisan provides a platform for designer-makers and artisan producers to connect with a like-minded community. Each event is curated to give an even spread of products, presenting a contemporary mix of design and craft.

Join one of the best events in London to buy direct from Designer Makers.

The health and safety of our makers and the public is a paramount concern for the organizers. I would like to reassure anyone attending that all possible safety measures are in place for your safety & protection:

– Signage will be present when entering the venue reminding all visitors and makers that wearing a face mask is essential

– All stalls will be built allowing 2 meters distance from stallholders/public

– Hand sanitizer will be freely available at the entrance to the venue

– Signage will be provided informing and reiterating social distancing

– Truman Brewery staff will be marshaling all areas open to the public

– Security will be present throughout all public trading hours assisting in crowd control and reiterating social distancing.

-The venue is large and well ventilated with 4 double-width entrance points and so the possibility of crowding is highly unlikely.

– The toilets and all high contact points will be subsequently cleaned thoroughly throughout the day

Location: The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane

London (Entrance in Elys Yard off Hanbury Street , E1 6QR)

Opening Time: 11AM – 6PM / Saturday & Sunday

I hope to see you at The London Artisan?⁠


Ilona Tambor



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How to Tie a Silk Scarf

How to tie a silk scarf
how to tie a silk scarf simple ways

Simple Ways to Tie a Silk Scarf

No closet is complete without a silk scarf or two. Let’s be real – it’s the ultimate accessory to add a dash of chic splendour to any outfit. In all its shapes and forms, the scarf is more than just an accessory, it’s a fashion must-have. A sensible and gorgeous accessory, it’s no wonder that they’ve been around for millennia! We’ve got records to show that Nefertiti herself, back in 350 BC, was more than just the queen of Egypt, but a slay queen, too, wearing a wrapped scarf under her jewelled headdress. With a long history behind them, there’s a variety of ways to tie a silk scarf.

So, how to tie a scarf in different ways to suit your style, you ask? Let’s take a look at the three of the most popular ways that have made the silk scarf an icon in fashion.

The Kelly Wrap – Silk Scarf Glamour

There’s particular femininity that goes hand-in-hand with the silk handkerchief scarf a la Grace Kelly. Let’s not forget that Audrey Hepburn did her fair share to turn this look, iconic, too! Kelly and Hepburn immortalised the printed silk scarf look that takes us back to the 1950s and 1960s – this is old-school glam that effortlessly brings elegance to almost any ensemble!

Tying the “Kelly Wrap” really is as easy it looks. Follow these 4 steps and you’ll be rocking that silk scarf with luxurious grace in about a minute.

  1. Take a square silk scarf and fold it along the diagonal.
  2. Now, place the scarf over your head – make sure the folded edge faces the front.
  3. Bring the folded corners under your chin and cross them around your neck.
  4. Neaten the look by tying the folded corners behind the neck and catch the loose corners under the knot at the back.

Other than looking flawless, this style has the practical benefit of protecting expensive hair colour when you’re making the most of the summer sun.

The Neck Wrap – A Necklace Alternative

The 1950s also saw another silk scarf style that brings vintage charisma to the contemporary fashion – the neck wrap. Wrapping a scarf around the neck was used back in Ancient Rome to keep the neck clean, but that’s a convenient practical by-product of this classic look that Elizabeth Taylor and, more recently, Cate Blanchett have popularised.

For the perfect neck wrap, we’ve broken it down into 4 simple steps:

  1. Form an “S” fold by folding a rectangular scarf twice lengthwise.
  2. Drape the folded scarf around your neck and let the ends hang down the back. Cross the ends over and bring them to the front.
  3. Loop the ends around one another, then pass them around the back again.
  4. Knot the ends at the back of the neck and clean it up by tucking the remaining length under your collar.

Pairing this style with a button-down blouse makes for a super-chic option, while the scarf illuminates the look, acting like a signature statement necklace.

The Bandana – An Effortless Twist

Wearing a scarf as an accessory is something of a French staple, with the triangle being amongst the most popular modern ways of tying the scarf. This look exudes flair when a patterned silk scarf is used to accessorise, of course, as Sienna Miller exhibited as a must-have look of the “new normal”.

Working best with a large square scarf, the following steps result in a nonchalant, sophisticated aesthetic:

  1. Fold a scarf in half and form a large triangle.
  2. Place the triangle at the front of your neck, pointed tip facing down.
  3. Tie the loose ends behind your neck, or bring them back around to the front to hang neck to the triangle.

Simple, sleek, and chic, made all the more luxurious and charismatic with an exclusive printed scarf from our range. How to tie a silk scarf? It all begins here, at Ilona Tambor, so keep following us for more exciting looks and options!


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Summer Giveaway

To celebrate the summer 2020 season and to say a huge thank you for all my supporters, I am announcing an amazing GIVEAWAY where you could win a £150 gift voucher to use on an incredible selection of my silk scarves, ribbon scarves and phone cases. This is the ULTIMATE Prize for the colours lovers and hand-illustrated silk scarves fans.

For the chance to win this £150 gift voucher here is how to enter:
1. Follow me @ilonatambor (if you don’t already)
2. Like this post
3. Tag a friend in the comments (one comment/tag=one entry, enter as many times as you like!)

*Giveaway closes at midnight BST on Wednesday 26th of August when the one winner will be selected at random. They will be notified by DM and will be announced on the Instagram post.
This competition is in no way affiliated with Instagram.

GOOD LUCK everyone and get tagging!

Ilona Tambor

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Conde Nast Traveller UK


It was an amazing summertime this year. It was a great pleasure to be a part of Conde Nast Traveller UK luxury gift guide feature and “On the move” Holiday Fashion Accessories feature on a digital issue of Conde Nast Traveller in summer 2020. Thank you all for the amazing feedback about our campaign. When the whole world is concerned and focus on COVID 19 pandemic we were trying to keep things going as usual. Have a look on our September 2020 feature in Conde Nast Traveller magazine.

Ilona Tambor


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Kaprije Island Croatia


Sailing Croatia Ilona Tambor

I hope all of you are well. We have a strange holiday time this year. I would say we need a rest and detachment from everyday life more than ever.

I have been waiting for this vacation for a long 10 months.

I spent last week in Dalmatia beautiful region of Croatia. I was sailing the Adriatic Sea along the Kornati National Park, dalmatian coast and amazing islands. Uninhabited tiny Islands, spectacular sunsets, crystal clear water, dolphins and delicious dalmatian food this is what sailing Dalmatia coast is about.

Small Croatian villages, the beautiful architecture of Sibenik old town gave me a lot of inspirations for the next illustrations and patterns.
This amazing moment, when you wake up early in the morning, every day in a different place to watch an unforgettable sunrise over the Adriatic Sea. All of this I will keep in my mind…I hope for so long.

I was wondering if I could find some good photoshoot spots out there to do some photos in this spectacular place in the world. I found it – every place I have visited was just a perfect photo spot.

Kaprije Island Croatia

Enjoy the photo story of my sailing trip along Dalmatian coast and beautiful Croatian islands.
I wish you all, amazing holiday this summer, we all deserve it.

Ilona Tambor



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Good afternoon,

Contemporary craft isn’t just a match for anything from a top-end retailer. It’s more individual, more vibrant and has provenance; made for keeps, not just a season.

An opportunity to buy outstanding contemporary craft & design online from 160 designer-makers and artists selected for their excellence; from jewellery and fashion accessories to functional and statement pieces for the home.

Scroll through the makers on the website, find something you love and make it yours. Not only will you be buying work of an exceptional standard but you will also be helping support the craft community during this pandemic.

GNCCFonline goes live on the website from 10am, Saturday 25 July until Friday 31st July. Follow us on our digital platforms #GNCCFonline #GNCCF #CraftSaysSomething

Ilona Tambor

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Conde Nast Traveller Ilona Tambor

I have just received my copy of July/August 2020 Conde Nast Traveller magazine. I am so happy to see my art silk scarves again in the editorial The Luxury Gift Guide. You can also find our campaign on the Conde Nast Traveller webpage in the two sections “On the move” – HOLIDAY FASHION AND ACCESSORIES and TRAVELLERS GIFT.

Have a nice reading

Ilona Tambor


Fashion and Accessoriess Ilona Tambor
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NEW ILLUSTRATION “The Grand Treasure of African Crowned Crane”


I have just finished new design “The Grand Treasure of African Crowned Crane” Design will be available on beautiful silk twill fabric in 3 colours versions. If you interested in pre-orders just send me an email. Have a look on all colourways and enjoy digital walk throught the illustration on the Instagram.

Read the story… behind this illustration.

The Grand Treasure of African Crowned Crane

When looking past its beady-eyed stare, there’s an ancient sense of knowing that lies beyond the eyes of the African Crowned Crane. Ever-aware, its eyes are always on the lookout, making sure that no creature trespasses into its realm.

But what lies within the realm of the African Crowned Crane? Its regal crown suggests that these creatures belong to an ancient line of royalty, one that migrated over deserts, plains, and savannah and captured within their soul a sense of the world and all its wonders.

Perhaps it’s this long history of remembering the world and the African continent as it was, and is, that gives the African Crowned Crane its particular treasure. It’s a treasure that was once sought after by many who passed through the Crane’s lands. Some have seen its red and white colouring around those steely-blue eyes, adorned by its golden, almost thorny crest and knew that the Crane and its kind kept something from the world.

Treasures, trinkets, gems and jewels – are these the treasures that those seek from the African Crowned Crane? Or does this somewhat surreal winged creature dare you to look beyond, warning you of the lure of worldly riches with its call? Some say that its appearance invites a wandering of the consciousness, prompting one to seek spiritual riches and the connections between their world and the natural, finding the intricate geometry and archway entrances to deeper meaning.

The Grand Treasure of the African Crowned Crane began as a hand-drawn sketch turned digital illustration. This design invites the eye with its exhibition of winged grandeur contrasted by the metallic tones and floral accompaniments. Available in three, lively colour variations, this pattern is either a reminder for the seeker or a symbol of riches. Or both.

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Wow I am so pleased to announce I have reached 1000 followers ?? I would like to say THANK YOU for all of you. Without your support, it couldn’t happen ? First milestone archived. Thanks again and stay tuned for more ? Follow my journey on Instagram. Enjoy short celebration movie made yesterday. Special 1000 Followers version of The Tropical Paradise Pattern.

Ilona Tambor


1000 Followers on Instagram movie

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Conde Nast Traveller June 2020 Cover

I am so happy to recive my copy of June 2020 Conde Nast Traveller. I was so thrilled to see my art silk scarves in the editorial The Luxury Gift Guide … You can also find our campaign on the Conde Nast Traveller webpage in the On the move Travellers gift guide section.

Have a lovely day

Ilona Tambor


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Easter Card Ilona Tambor

Good afternoon?

I wish you all an amazing Easter time. Hopefully next year we will be free to go everywhere to meet our loved ones or just free to go to enjoy life ?

The grand treasure of African crowned crane” – hand-drawn illustration in mint green – Easter greetings card.

If you love this design check our selection of Gift Cards with The grand treasure of African crowned crane hand drawn illustration.

Ilona Tambor


Easter Card Ilona Tambor