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S/S 2024 Scarves Collection

S/S 2024 Silk Scarves Collection. Ilona Tambor
Ilona Tambor S/S 2024 Silk Scarves Collection. Designed in the UK. Handmade in Italy.

Welcome Vibrancy – The S/S 2024 Scarves Collection

This season, I’ve poured my heart into two distinctive illustrations that are close to my heart: “Jungle Dream” and “True Summer.”

I’m really excited to introduce to you my Spring/Summer 2024 scarves collection – an ode to the harmonious and often whimsical symphonies of the natural world.

Summer’s essence in every thread

“True Summer” is my celebration of the season’s exuberance, where every creature and petal bursts with life.Tigers, zebras, and a medley of other creatures perch on water lilies, surrounded by a profusion of tropical plants and flowers. 

Each piece in the “True Summer” line is a vivid declaration of life at its most exuberant, a true tribute to the season’s lushness. This design brings to life my favorite theme – the intersection of the animal kingdom with the botanical world –in a dance of color and light that sings of endless summer days.

A dream – woven in silk

With “Jungle Dream,” I invite you into one the world of my own dreams, where visions of the majestic leopard and the regal peacock gripped me in wonder. I’ve always been fascinated by the untamed beauty of the jungle, and this pattern is a reflection of that enduring enchantment. 

The depth of the colors mimics the rich, vibrant life force that thrives within the jungle’s embrace. Each scarf is a story, a dream woven into silk, waiting to be told.

Craftsmanship meets storytelling

Creating these patterns has been a personal journey of creativity and craftsmanship. From the initial illustrations to the final silk piece, I’m always intimately involved in every step, ensuring that each design not only adorns but tells a story. This collection is crafted for those who appreciate the artistry behind fashion, for whom a scarf is not merely an accessory but a narrative that enwraps them.

A personal invitation

As the warm breezes begin to whisper of the Spring to come, I extend an invitation to explore the SS 2024 collection. Whether you find yourself captivated by the mystery of “Jungle Dream” or the vivacious spirit of “True Summer,” let these scarves add a touch of an artist’s dreams to your reality.

Discover the SS 2024 collection and embrace the elegance, the story, and the magic behind.

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