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A/W 2023 Silk Scarves Collection

Ilona Tambor Silk Scarves A/W 2023 Collection


The Fairytale Forest

Step into a world where the opulent tapestries of Polish King Sigismund Augustus reign supreme. My A/W 2023 Silk Scarves collection draws inspiration from these historic treasures, once housed in the venerable Wawel Castle of Cracow. They are a testament to centuries of elegance and creativity, now preserved within the walls of a national museum.

My A/W 2023 collection invites you to step into the heart of these enchanting fairytale forests. The colour palette mirrors the rich, warm tones of autumn and winter, infused with an enticing splash of raspberry red to breathe life into the season.

At the core of my collection lies ‘The Fairytale Forest’ scarf, an artful symphony of luxuriant greenery and blossoming irises. Legend whispers that the first glimpse of an iris sparks a love that blooms in return. Within this enchanting narrative, our protagonists take centre stage: the ‘girafficorn’ and a heron engaged in a graceful tussle with a coiled serpent around the bird’s beak. The ‘girafficorn’ embodies boundless imagination and the extraordinary, while the heron, a timeless symbol of tranquillity and harmony, engages in a delicate dance of good versus evil with the serpent.

Every design commences as a hand-drawn sketch, a testament to the unwavering dedication and artistic precision imbued in each piece. With three captivating colour options, my A/W 2023 silk scarves collection extends an invitation to immerse yourself in a world of timeless elegance, boundless imagination, and artistic excellence.

Discover ‘The Fairytale Forest’ and allow it to spirit you away to where the wonders of nature and the depths of symbolism coalesce, where the mundane transcends into the extraordinary. Embrace the essence of Polish King Sigismund Augustus magnificent tapestries and experience the enchantment of my A/W 2023 collection.

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