About Ilona Tambor


Harmony – Art, Design, and Fashion Intersect

Ilona Tambor perceives the natural world and all its sensory offerings through her individual, creative lens. It’s this personal, characteristic view of the colours, hues and tones of flora and fauna that is evident in her artworks.

Ilona transforms the beauty found in our world, capturing the spirit of flora and fauna by hand.
Her creative process begins with hand-drawn sketches of her inspiration – nature in all its whimsy and possibility.

By translating the essence of nature into works of art, Ilona developed her eponymous brand. Ilona Tambor crafts functional art infused with her very own charm. Each illustration becomes wearable art. Each pattern starts its life as a hand-drawn sketch, manipulated through the magic of digital illustration, finally becoming a wearable accessory with definitive character.

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Creativity Becomes Art – The Ilona Tambor Story

Ilona’s artistic expression has been honed by consistency through education and practice. Early on, she harnessed her artistic sense and imagination at the Art School in Kielce, thereafter gaining a Master of Arts at the University of Cracow.

Along the way, she gained experience in various mediums of art – painting, drawing, sculpture, and art graphics provide each Ilona Tambor piece with a layered, multi-dimensional appeal.

Moving to the United Kingdom in 2016, this milestone in her story provided her with more possibility, breathing new life into her artworks. It is here that she allowed her creativity to manifest in pattern design, wallpaper design, and illustration.
The Ilona Tambor brand began to flourish.

Ideals and Values – Sustainable, Ethical, Timeless Design

Ilona believes that imagination is forever. With each silk scarf, mobile phone case, twilly scarf, and pocket square, her artworks bring imagination and the fantastical into daily life. The patterns she creates metamorphose into accessories that speak to those who live life inspired. This is fashion for those with purpose and perception; those who take the time to enjoy the journey, appreciating the subtleties and nuances found along the way.

Imagination is a combination of creativity, hope, and belief. These three ideals are incorporated into the Ilona Tambor brand. By promoting imagination in every piece, Ilona ensures that every piece espouses these values. With hope for a world with conscience, she ensures that the luxury fabrics and materials used in creating her accessories are sustainable and manufactured through ethical labour.

It’s this hope and belief that guides Ilona in crafting accessories that last. Hers is not a belief in fast fashion.
Quality materials can last a lifetime, and a combination of ethically-sourced materials and timeless design means that your Ilona Tambor piece can always be a part of your personal story.

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Art with Purpose – Project Your Individuality

Ilona employs her vision, with generous lashings of whimsy, to inspire imagination in others. Every accessory is artwork that has come to life on the finest quality of silk or transformed into a mobile phone case to add a dash of enchantment to your everyday.

As art and beauty are in the eye of the beholder, how you wear these artworks is up to you. These luxury fabrics, coupled with fantastical, sometimes surreal, patterns encourages the wearer to be free in their expression. Ilona’s use of bold hues and impeccable attention to detail allows you to enhance your choice of ensemble, telling your own story through colour and nuanced fantasy.