Ilona Tambor Silk Scarves Design Process

Discover the Design Process

All of our silk scarves are illustrated by hand here in Leicester UK.
Discover the four-stage design process that goes into perfecting each luxury art accessory.

Design Process Ilona Tambor


Each element in our designs is hand-drawn by pen or pencil and coloured by Ilona, which can take between 4 – 6 weeks to complete.
Beginning as hand-drawn sketches – there’s soul at every stage of the Ilona Tambor process.

Design Process Ilona Tambor


Our illustrations are then scanned in high resolution and edited to create the final composition. We take great care in our unique designs and make sure that each and every line is in the right place before starting the creative painting stage.

The Mysterious Lion King Art Silk Scarf


Each pattern variation is then digitally painted by Ilona. Ilona’s use of bold hues and tones, characteristic view of the colours, and impeccable attention to detail allows you to enhance your choice of ensemble, telling your own story through colour and nuanced fantasy. You can see more details here – Tambor World


We are proud to say that all of our scarves are printed and manufactured in Como, Italy. We are carefully finessing each design with colour profiles to achieve truly double-sided results. Silk manufacturing is the main reason that made Como famous all over the world. Silks from Como are indeed very well known for their quality and elegance, which made it one of the most exported products of the latest century.