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Silk Scarves Collection S/S 2023 Ilona Tambor

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Luxury silk scarves

S/S 2023 Silk Scarves Collection
is officially Live!

Step into a world where land and water meet, where creatures both playful and regal grace the surface.

Our latest collection combines the grace of the Swans with the mystery and whimsy of the Jellyfish to create a truly charming aesthetic experience.


In “Swans,” our pattern captures the elegance and emotional beauty of two swans as they embrace majestically showcasing both their vulnerability and pride.

Rich floral hues contrast the pure white of the swans, evoking a sense of serenity and tranquillity.


The “Sea Life” takes us on a journey beneath the waves, where vibrant jellyfish dance and play among the coral and kelp.

The pufferfish adds a playful touch, while the lionfish shows off its intricate skeleton.

The vivid, dreamy colours and fluid movement of marine life create a sense of magical wonder.

Together, these silk scarves patterns invite you to feel the almost unreal reality of the natural world.

Read more about the inspiration and view how the magic happens here TAMBOR WORLD

Luxury silk scarves

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