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The Grand Treasure of African Crowned Crane

When looking past its beady-eyed stare, there’s an ancient sense of knowing that lies beyond the eyes of the African Crowned Crane. Ever-aware, its eyes are always on the lookout, making sure that no creature trespasses into its realm.

But what lies within the realm of the African Crowned Crane? Its regal crown suggests that these creatures belong to an ancient line of royalty, one that migrated over deserts, plains, and savannah and captured within their soul a sense of the world and all its wonders.

Perhaps it’s this long history of remembering the world and the African continent as it was, and is, that gives the African Crowned Crane its particular treasure. It’s a treasure that was once sought after by many who passed through the Crane’s lands. Some have seen its red and white colouring around those steely-blue eyes, adorned by its golden, almost thorny crest and knew that the Crane and its kind kept something from the world.

Treasures, trinkets, gems and jewels – are these the treasures that those seek from the African Crowned Crane? Or does this somewhat surreal winged creature dare you to look beyond, warning you of the lure of worldly riches with its call? Some say that its appearance invites a wandering of the consciousness, prompting one to seek spiritual riches and the connections between their world and the natural, finding the intricate geometry and archway entrances to deeper meaning.

The Grand Treasure of the African Crowned Crane began as a hand-drawn sketch turned digital illustration. This design invites the eye with its exhibition of winged grandeur contrasted by the metallic tones and floral accompaniments. Available in three, lively colour variations, this pattern is either a reminder for the seeker or a symbol of riches. Or both.

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Do childhood reveries come true? It appears so. The colours, the textures, the cacophony of sounds that permeate into your being – a tropical paradise as you’ve always dreamed.
Whether it’s a dream or you really did make your way to a tropical, jungle paradise as you’ve wished for since you were little, it doesn’t really matter. You’re here, you’re in the moment, and you’re living it.

What dreams may come your way depends on your choices. Perhaps it’s destiny, who knows? Your mind is still racing but with each squawk of a nearby parrot, you feel your soul being soothed.
You would never have thought that nature, in all its splendour, could bring you peace while causing you tremble at the same time.

It’s the good kind of tremble – life has never been this real. With each step you take, you begin to connect as the foliage crunches underfoot. Reaching out a hand, the thick leaves of the jungle brush against your fingertips. This is what bliss is all about – to feel like you’re dreaming while knowing that you’re grounded in all that’s pure. As you take in every vivid colour and all its accompanying textures, your entire being is illuminated. Your tropical paradise is colour therapy for your all your senses.

Beginning as hand-drawn sketches, each variation of these designs and patterns is then digitally illustrated – there’s soul at every stage of the Ilona Tambor process.
Your Tropical Paradise takes many forms, and with three varying colour schemes, from darker hues to crisper tones, each variant is available to you.

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Deep in the forest, as the tale goes, there lives the wisest of creatures. Etched in our collective psyche, the owl possesses wisdom beyond what we can fathom. Finding the majestic beast of the fables means taking a journey far into the darkest of forests, with only slivers of moonlight and the distant twinkling of the stars to guide you.

As the stars fade and the moonlight wanes, and you think you’ve lost your way, silence descends. The eeriness sets in, but there’s an unmistakeable presence just ahead. It’s almost human. Almost.
It’s unlikely, you think to yourself. There isn’t anyone around for miles. Just as you’re about to turn back, two, rich, yellow orbs of light illuminate the space around you.

Transfixed, you stare into the eyes of the woodland creature, but you feel as if it knows you better than you know yourself. Its proud form creates an aura around it – one of intricate,
otherworldly patterns and, seemingly, a geometric halo around the owl’s head. Beyond, it’s almost as if the fabric of all of space and time lies in the here and now.
And as the creature nods ever so slightly before slowly closing its eyes and disappearing into nothing, you know that you’ve found the answers that you’ve been seeking.

The delicate and intricate Owl pattern is available in four colour variations, appearing in vivid, psychedelic tones or in the more minimalist black and white.
Each of these designs and patterns have been sketched by hand, before being transformed into digital and coming to life in saturated splendour.

All colour variations have one thing in common – those deep, piercing yellow eyes.

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Where colour, reality and fantasy intersect, lying just beyond our reach, a secret kingdom is found where the natural order of flora and fauna achieve balance and harmony.

Passing by the tweeting and chirping, the croaking and the cackling, through the foliage, his two eyes surveys his kingdom. Nestled in the evergreen lies his throne and he sits proud, courageous and powerful. Possessing a mane like no other and a countenance that radiates nobility, the mysterious lion king is both an imposing and compassionate force.

His majesty earns him respect throughout the kingdom, where creatures both great and small feel protected and respected. The little birds, his scouts and confidantes, bring him news of the goings – on. Donning a regal crown, befitting only a king like him, the mysterious lion is a fantastical figure – one with eyes of two, distinct colours, every other creature believes him to be of two realms.

His curious case of heterochromia is well-suited to his surroundings, where brilliant, luminous colour fills the landscape.
Embracing the beauty of his surroundings, where vines form archways and flowers are ever-flourishing, the mysterious lion king is an extension of the fantastical mind of Ilona Tambor.

This entrancing pattern captivates the gaze through its use of complementary, spirited, lucid colours.
Among Tambor World’s designs and patterns, this is available in two colour variations, the tones change like the setting and rising of the sun. After all, rumour has it that the mysterious lion king resides in both the realms.

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As one of the stories go, Peonies are named so after a beautiful nymph called Paeonia found herself in the presence of Apollo. Apollo, captivated by Paeonia’s beauty, begins to flirt with his desired one.

Paeonia’s beauty attracted the eye of a Greek god, but the scene did not go unnoticed. Aphrodite was watching the situation unfold, and the bashfulness of Paeonia, through her innocence, causes her to turn bright red. Her bashfulness did not save her, for in Aphrodite’s anger, she transforms Paeonia into a red peony.

The myths around this splendid flower are numerous, meaning that this flower is one associated with many forms of positive symbolism. Bashfulness and innocence are just two of them, but so is good fortune, compassion, and even healing. A flower that symbolises kindness, with properties to that can heal is a flower that is a treasure, indeed.

Its rich tones emanate an aura of goodness from every, individual petal. There bounty is represented here, with peonies abound in this striking, intense, and picturesque illustration.
Surrounding yourself with the deep, saturated hues of the flourishing peony promises abundance in spirit and endless possibility.

It’s this exuberance found in the natural world that Ilona Tambor harnesses, exhibiting the depth and intricacy inherent in every, individual flower in this print.
The beauty of these peonies have inspired a hand-drawn sketch, in the collection of designs and patterns, that becomes transformed by a digital illustration where splashes of colour are added.
The peonies are illuminated through artistic wonders, creating two colour variations of this pattern.

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