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S/S 2023 Collection

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Luxury silk scarves


Step into a world where land and water meet, where creatures both playful and regal grace the surface. Our latest collection combines the grace of the Swans with the mystery and whimsy of the Jellyfish to create a truly charming aesthetic experience.


In “Swans,” our pattern captures the elegance and emotional beauty of two swans as they embrace majestically showcasing both their vulnerability and pride.

Rich floral hues contrast the pure white of the swans, evoking a sense of serenity and tranquillity.


The “Sea Life” takes us on a journey beneath the waves, where vibrant jellyfish dance and play among the coral and kelp. The pufferfish adds a playful touch, while the lionfish shows off its intricate skeleton. The vivid, dreamy colours and fluid movement of marine life create a sense of magical wonder.

Together, these silk scarves patterns invite you to feel the almost unreal reality of the natural world.

Read more about the inspiration and view how the magic happens here TAMBOR WORLD

Luxury silk scarves


At Ilona Tambor, we recognise the importance of sustainability and strive to promote responsible sourcing and manufacturing practices. We believe that it is our responsibility as a fashion brand to reduce our environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future. We believe in responsible sourcing and manufacturing practices. Our scarves are made from the finest quality silk, which is a natural and biodegradable material. We also ensure that our production process has a minimal environmental impact.

Our cooperation with local craftsmen – who have extensive knowledge of silk manufacturing, hand-rolling edges, and other techniques – is what further sets the Ilona Tambor brand apart from others. These techniques are only possible with the expertise of experienced artisans who have honed their craft over many years. It is not only about creating beautiful and unique designs but also about supporting the local community and promoting fair labour. We are proud to support the artisans who are keeping the art of silk production alive.

The uniqueness of each Ilona Tambor hand-illustrated design and the amazing craftsmanship make our scarves stand out. Each scarf is a work of art, with its own story and character – from processing to design. We believe that our scarves are not just accessories but a reflection of the Ilona Tambor vision, as well as your personality and individual style.

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S/S 2022 Ilona Tambor Silk Scarves Collection The Beauty of Diversity

S/S 2022 Ilona Tambor Art Silk Scarves Collection
S/S 2022 Ilona Tambor Art Silk Scarves Collection

NEW S/S 2022 Silk Scarves Collection
is officially Live!


These hybrids may not exist in your world, but they exist in some world, at some time.
They inspire thinking beyond borders – conscious and subconscious ones.
Accepting that beauty depends on difference allows you to see beyond the foliage, where you’ll find seemingly impossible beings who showcase everything that makes them unique. Like every Ilona Tambor design, these hybrid animals began as an idea. The idea came to life as a hand-drawn sketch, refined and digitized before being printed on luxurious silk fabrics.

Read more about the inspiration and view how the magic happens here TAMBOR WORLD

Ilona Tambor World

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