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Happy Festive Season

Christmas gifts Illustrated scarves


Perfect Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts Ilona Tambor

Hand-illustrated scarves are timeless presents to gift to your beloved ones.

The most magical time of the year is just around the corner.
The gifting season already starts this year.

Silky gifts are ready to start the journey to get under the Christmas tree on time.
Our scarves are beautifully packed in gift boxes as a standard, making these silky treasures perfect Christmas presents.

Watch our Christmas YT video
and immerse yourself in the Christmas mood.

Enjoy silky winter wonderland and our snowman sneaking around with Christmas presents ?☃️

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New – The Beauty of Diversity Wool Shawl

wool shawl womens


*New* – The Beauty of Diversity Green Wool Scarf just landed in our shop.

The Gift of Elegance This Autumn

Do you know someone with an appreciation for the more luxurious side of life? A hand-illustrated wool-silk scarf makes the ideal gift! Are you looking for a timeless present to gift to your girlfriend or boyfriend? Perhaps your mum and dad, or even to just bring a smile to a friend or favourite colleague’s face? Our range of signature accessories is an exceptional choice. Exquisitely hand-woven in Italy, there’s a myriad of ways to tie these scarves.

There are just that many more ways to mix up your style to match any occasion. If you’re still wondering what to get your loved one during these colder months, we’re here to help! Spread the mood of hope and possibility this season with a hand-illustrated, wool-silk scarf from the Ilona Tambor collection. 

Discover inspiration behind The Beauty of Diversity Design


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How to Wear a Silk Scarf in 2022

How to wear a silk scarf in 2022
How to wear a silk scarf in 2022

5 Styles – How to Wear a Silk Scarf in 2022

For an unexpected approach to add that refined (and possibly even quirky) sophistication and graphic novelty to your ensemble this season, look no further than the classic silk scarf. Of course, as designers and street style celebrities have demonstrated time and time again, this trendy accessory may be worn in a variety of ways. There’s no shortage of fashionable style options, whether it’s worn as a classic headwrap or an elegant bracelet, or a belt with a punk edge. Check out our list of this season’s hottest silk scarf styles!

Tie a Scarf as a Headscarf

Adding a simple, charming boho look to your outfit is easily achievable with the headscarf. And, here’s the thing, with one of our patterns and colour options, you’re going to get an extraordinary look that definitely turns heads. Wear this with minimal jewellery – let your personality and silk accessory do the talking. 

To tie your scarf, grab two diagonal corners of it and fold it in half to create a triangle. Drape the long edge over one side of your head so that the ends are coming out on either side. Take those ends back around to where they started at your nape – this will be just underneath the pointy corner – then tie them together with a knot so that when you pull tight, there is enough slack for you to wrap or position however suits best. Unforgettable.

Tie a Scarf as a Dress

This look is all about soft, statement glam! This one takes minimal work for a refined, boho-chic result and makes a dazzling possibility during any season and at any event – whether you’re at an art exhibit or going chic at the beach during summer. 

Tie one end of a large scarf around your neck, so that you don’t have any loose ends that stick out at the back. Now, wrap the longer end of the scarf around your body. Tuck it in and hide it under the shorter end. And that’s it, you’re pretty much done, ready to go with those goddess vibes.

Tip: If you like, tie a ribbon around your waist for a touch of extra, subtle flair as you accentuate your curves and play up the look a little.

Tie a Scarf as Top

You’ve probably realised that achieving hot looks with a silk scarf doesn’t take that much effort. That’s exactly why we find them to be the perfect accessory. Here, we’re presenting you with another classic, but edgy look that offers a plethora of looks to work with. What’s more, the more prints you own, the more options you have – even with this one style.

We’re talking about wearing a silk scarf as a top or as a bandana top. It’s proving to be a hot look as we’re soon moving towards Spring/Summer 2022. Here at Ilona Tambor, we’re moving away from the classic paisley cowboy look, opting for something more whimsical and enchanting. There’s more room to move between formal and smart casual with our prints.

How to tie it? Fold your scarf in half so that it makes a triangle. With the open end of the triangle facing down, wrap both ends of your scarf around your chest and tie them together on the back. Simple. Effective. 

Tip: Tuck the point at the bottom for an alternative way to wear this look.

Tie a Scarf as a Belt

One thing is clear: Silk scarves are making a big splash. Not only are they a chic way to jazz up any cold-weather ensemble, but they are now being used to improve and expand a personal look. They can take the place of a belt, giving the wearer a fresh, polished look. This chic and flattering way to wear a scarf is a great way to switch up any work outfit. 

To get started, first tie the silk scarf as you would a regular belt, keeping a loose tail to the rear. There’s always the option of ruffling things up a bit for an edgier touch, too. At the end of the day, the premise is simple, but the result uplifts an entire outfit.

Tie a scarf as a Shrug or Cape

Perhaps you are looking for a new way to wear a scarf. The easy, chic, and super flattering way to wear a scarf this season is as a shrug or cape. Try wearing a voluminous scarf over a silk blouse for an amazing look, or perhaps an oversized scarf will fit a turtleneck with ease. What’s even better is that the simple, classic way to tie a scarf as a cape is to simply tuck it into the collar of your blouse and knot it at the back. The result is an effortlessly chic look that will take you from day to night. Dress it up for a party If you are heading on a holiday or family event.

This year’s classic wardrobe staple is certainly a perennial accessory. We’ve provided you with some of the more imaginable silk scarf styles for wearing this wardrobe option and we’re sure that your time will be well-spent perfecting the various styles!

How to tie a silk scarf? Keep following us on Instagram for more exciting looks and options!


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A/W 2021 Ilona Tambor Scarves Collection

AW Silk Scarf Collection


Ilona Brings Slavic Mythology into Life on Silk Scarves and Accessories

For this season’s looks, Ilona has drawn inspiration from her Slavic roots, allowing tradition and mythology to come to life in her designs. A testament to her heritage, she brings mesmerizing themes to wearable silk accessories. With darker undertones, each scarf tells an intricate story through a spectacular eye for dazzling design. Both Slavic mythology, and in particular, demonology, have long enraptured the mind of this designer with her Polish roots. Growing up and listening to tales of the creation of the world, the gods that watch over it, and the people who inhabit it, Ilona envisioned the nature of the world through this lens.

Ilona Tambor A/W Silk Scarf Collection

“The stories were sometimes dark, sometimes happy, mysterious, and coarse. Sometimes they were scary, lined with laughter, and often came with a warning or lesson. Above all, they were original,” explains Ilona. It’s this originality that shines through in this season’s designs, featuring Leshy – the forest guardian – and the interplay between the Griffin and Basilisk.

A keen connoisseur of world mythologies may have picked up on Slavic mythology entering the public consciousness of late through the interpreted works of The Witcher, by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. Both the games and its Netflix adaptation have propelled some of these stories in front of the contemporary eye. 

But this is only one slice of the rich world seen through a Slavic lens. Ilona Tambor’s silk scarf designs offer the wearer the soul of stories told around a shepherd’s fire as the smoke creates a backdrop for the imagination of the listener. This imagination is harnessed and painted through innovative means.

Every silk scarf begins its life illustrated by hand – an intricately creative process. Before being printed on sustainably sourced silk, these patterns are manipulated digitally, adding color and spirit into each design. Discover more here Tambor World.



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How to Wear a Silk Scarf in 2021

when to wear a silk scarf accessory

Looks and Possibilities – When to Wear a Silk Scarf

Personal style is about individuality. It’s about opting for what represents you, your identity, and your unparalleled personality. Sometimes, with an outfit, less is more. Sometimes, more is more. It really all depends on how you’re feeling on a particular day, what works for a particular event, or whether you’re working with limited options if you might be travelling. If you’ve got a few accessories in mind and you’re looking at when to wear a silk scarf, the answer is simple. These highly versatile pieces are priceless when it comes to jazzing up any look, any time.

When to Wear a Silk Scarf? Use One to Elevate a Simple Look

The beauty of our world is that you’re able to find qualities that represent who you are wherever you look. We draw our inspiration and passion from the world around us, we’re energised by it as we find beauty in the most unexpected places.You can be that inspiration for yourself and for others.

Elevating the everyday is where a silk scarf really shines. Yes, they’re available in muted tones, too, but to transform a simple look, a vivid silk scarf brings colour and dynamism to your ensemble. While they contribute to the visual appeal of your look, we all know what a bold dash of colour can do for your mood, too.

Transform Monochromatic Ensembles with Your Spirit

When dressing up in either a simple casual or chic, smart outfit, that perfectly-picked dash of colour could come from a complementary silk scarf. It’s all the more special when your silk accessory of choice shows off a truly unique work of art, something intricate, or something inspired. While we all love to add that pop of colour to an ensemble, we’re even more favourable towards one that’s truly characteristic, representing your innate spirit.

The Ideal Travel Companion – Business and Pleasure

When going away on holiday, we purge that bad energy while rejuvenating ourselves. Looking spectacular for those holiday snaps is a priority, too. Your outfit options may be limited, but here’s a pro tip: silk scarves don’t take up much space in your luggage at all!

They provide a host of options to mix and match with when you’re low on space. You’re afforded the ability to bring that special bit of soul to an ensemble that you may have packed for practical reasons. The classic square scarf, on its own, works in a number of charming ways depending on how you tie it. On the other hand, there’s just something immeasurably enchanting about wearing a silk twilly scarf or silk neckerchief tied just right. And when you’re in a bit of a hurry and your hair just isn’t doing what you want it to? That bold silk scarf can be turned into killer statement head wrap.

On the other end of the spectrum, a business trip that calls for muted colours – blacks and greys, white and tan, maybe some navy – can do with a visionary twist. Lift corporate chic from the mundane no matter the season.

All you’ve got to do is infuse that power look with a transformative, unforgettable silk scarf.

How to tie a silk scarf? Keep following us on Instagram for more exciting looks and options!

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The Perfect Gift Idea Illustrated Scarves

How to wear silk scarf
wool-silk scarves worn with vintage inspired outfits

Illustrated Wool-Silk Scarves – The Perfect Gift Idea This Season

We’ve entered 2021. We probably speak for all of us when we say that we’re happy to see the back of 2020!

2021 is the year of hope, so here’s to hoping that things begin to look better for all of us. Our range of wool-silk scarves might just help with that!

This past Christmas and New Year were far from what we’re used to. We’re trying to spread the cheer in 2021 with our range of wool-silk scarves – for her and for him! With the chilly weather here in the UK and other parts of the northern hemisphere, staying warm is a priority! When heading out to work, for a stroll in the brisk, fresh air, or if you’re just venturing out to get some snacks to binge on, you want to look good while keeping the cold away. You’ve probably got loved ones who can’t work remotely and have to leave their homes. Why not surprise them an artisanal, hand-illustrated wool-silk scarf?

Hand-Woven Love from Italy

Even though this time it’s a little different than usual, love is still in the air during February! And hey, Valentine’s Day coming up soon. Thought you might need a quick reminder about that little occasion. A luxury, premium-crafted, wool-silk scarf that’s hand-woven in Italy certainly hits the mark as a thoughtful and stunning gift option. 

There’s lots to choose from, too – keeping warm and looking haute is more than just possible! The Ilona Tambor range of hand-woven and hand-illustrated scarves are a definitive conversation piece. These bespoke patterns and designs promise to keep a loved one warm – both on the outside and inside! These deep, vivid colours and intricate designs are memorable, too, ensuring that your aesthetic and practical gift will never be forgotten.

Colour-popping Vintage Looks with Hand-Illustrated Wool-Silk Scarves

When it comes to style and layering options, your fashionista friend or loved one will have infinite possibilities in working this timeless gift into their chic ensembles this year. Hand-woven in Italy, our wool-silk scarves are a constant hug during the colder months. Remind them of you even when you’re not around! And, as the vintage-inspired trends have been picking up pace, we’re seeing more “Peaky Blinders” looks on the streets. An Ilona Tambor wool-silk scarf goes a long way in putting a special spin on the look – illuminating the more demure layers of coats, waistcoats, and flat caps with a suitable colour and mood pop!

The Gift of Elegance This Winter

Do you know someone with an appreciation for the more luxurious side of life? A hand-illustrated wool-silk scarf makes the ideal gift! Are you looking for a timeless present to gift to your girlfriend or boyfriend? Perhaps your mum and dad, or even to just bring a smile to a friend or favourite colleague’s face? Our range of signature accessories are an exceptional choice. Exquisitely hand-woven in Italy, there’s a myriad of ways to tie these scarves. There are just that many more ways to mix up your style to match any occasion. 

If you’re still wondering what to get your loved one during these colder months, we’re here to help! Spread the mood of hope and possibility this season with a hand-illustrated, wool-silk scarf from the Ilona Tambor collection. 


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How to Tie a Silk Scarf

How to tie a silk scarf
how to tie a silk scarf simple ways

Simple Ways to Tie a Silk Scarf

No closet is complete without a silk scarf or two. Let’s be real – it’s the ultimate accessory to add a dash of chic splendour to any outfit. In all its shapes and forms, the scarf is more than just an accessory, it’s a fashion must-have. A sensible and gorgeous accessory, it’s no wonder that they’ve been around for millennia! We’ve got records to show that Nefertiti herself, back in 350 BC, was more than just the queen of Egypt, but a slay queen, too, wearing a wrapped scarf under her jewelled headdress. With a long history behind them, there’s a variety of ways to tie a silk scarf.

So, how to tie a scarf in different ways to suit your style, you ask? Let’s take a look at the three of the most popular ways that have made the silk scarf an icon in fashion.

The Kelly Wrap – Silk Scarf Glamour

There’s particular femininity that goes hand-in-hand with the silk handkerchief scarf a la Grace Kelly. Let’s not forget that Audrey Hepburn did her fair share to turn this look, iconic, too! Kelly and Hepburn immortalised the printed silk scarf look that takes us back to the 1950s and 1960s – this is old-school glam that effortlessly brings elegance to almost any ensemble!

Tying the “Kelly Wrap” really is as easy it looks. Follow these 4 steps and you’ll be rocking that silk scarf with luxurious grace in about a minute.

  1. Take a square silk scarf and fold it along the diagonal.
  2. Now, place the scarf over your head – make sure the folded edge faces the front.
  3. Bring the folded corners under your chin and cross them around your neck.
  4. Neaten the look by tying the folded corners behind the neck and catch the loose corners under the knot at the back.

Other than looking flawless, this style has the practical benefit of protecting expensive hair colour when you’re making the most of the summer sun.

The Neck Wrap – A Necklace Alternative

The 1950s also saw another silk scarf style that brings vintage charisma to the contemporary fashion – the neck wrap. Wrapping a scarf around the neck was used back in Ancient Rome to keep the neck clean, but that’s a convenient practical by-product of this classic look that Elizabeth Taylor and, more recently, Cate Blanchett have popularised.

For the perfect neck wrap, we’ve broken it down into 4 simple steps:

  1. Form an “S” fold by folding a rectangular scarf twice lengthwise.
  2. Drape the folded scarf around your neck and let the ends hang down the back. Cross the ends over and bring them to the front.
  3. Loop the ends around one another, then pass them around the back again.
  4. Knot the ends at the back of the neck and clean it up by tucking the remaining length under your collar.

Pairing this style with a button-down blouse makes for a super-chic option, while the scarf illuminates the look, acting like a signature statement necklace.

The Bandana – An Effortless Twist

Wearing a scarf as an accessory is something of a French staple, with the triangle being amongst the most popular modern ways of tying the scarf. This look exudes flair when a patterned silk scarf is used to accessorise, of course, as Sienna Miller exhibited as a must-have look of the “new normal”.

Working best with a large square scarf, the following steps result in a nonchalant, sophisticated aesthetic:

  1. Fold a scarf in half and form a large triangle.
  2. Place the triangle at the front of your neck, pointed tip facing down.
  3. Tie the loose ends behind your neck, or bring them back around to the front to hang neck to the triangle.

Simple, sleek, and chic, made all the more luxurious and charismatic with an exclusive printed scarf from our range. How to tie a silk scarf? It all begins here, at Ilona Tambor, so keep following us for more exciting looks and options!